Laneio.com is a one-stop shopping platform for auto transportation in Europe. We guarantee a smooth process on your everyday transportations needs. So say goodbye to the days where a simple transportation order demanded multiple emails and phone calls.

Laneio.com is the go-to marketplace, for your auto transportation company, no matter the size or location. No more paperwork and endless negotiations. Get payed faster and optimize your cost price, by getting access to more loads.


  • All-in-one digital process

  • One invoicing partner

  • Instant prices

  • Digital transport document

  • Proof of delivery online archive

  • Track and trace all your transports

  • Avoid negotiations

  • Infinite capacity

  • Faster service


ePOD = electronic Proof Of Delivery


No more losing documents or having to send pictures from your transport documents. With Laneio ePOD, all documents are automatically generated and stored forever in our system. Then pick up the documents when you need them, or have them sent directly to your mail box.

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